Latest version

Please read if you are upgrading from NMM version 0.56.1 or lower: this is a MAJOR update of the Nexus Mod Manager that will uninstall all your mods and then attempt to reinstall all your mods in the current order. Please read the site news for more information before proceeding.

Version 0.63.5

Warning: This version requires .Net Framework 4.6 (If you're not using Windows 10, you can download it HERE )

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed a startup crash issue when launching the Skyrim SE mode and there was a plugin requesting an unofficial plugin as master.
  1. Skyrim SE mode will now properly look for SSEEdit instead of TES5Edit.
  2. The plugins tab will now make it more obvious that NMM is not managing official plugins (and they will also show in the proper order).
  3. Updated the list of forced hardlinks with some sound files that dindn't work when symlinked.
  4. Fixed a Fallout 4 startup crash when the Fallout4.ini was missing or broken.
  5. The program will no longer crash when adding mod archives directly from the Mods folder.

Previous versions

Version 0.63.3

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed crash issue when running the Skyrim SE game mode without first running the game once.

Version 0.63.2

Impact: Minor
Type: New game support
  1. Added Skyrim Special Edition support.
  2. Fixed issue where .wav and .bgsm files were not always hardlinked.

Version 0.63.1

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed crash issue on mod upgrades and file overwrites.

Version 0.63.0

Impact: Minor
Type: New game support
  1. Added No Man's Sky mod installation and sorting support.

Version 0.62.2

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed a crash issue when unable to retrieve the Fallout 4 executable version.
  2. Fixed a crash when parsing a null or corrupt path during the mod activation.
  3. Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when retrieving alternate mod versions and the downloadId was null.

Version 0.62.0

Impact: Major
Type: New Features and many bugfixes

New Features
  1. Added the Backup Manager (new button under the Tools menu): users will now be able to backup and restore their mod installation, base game files and the NMM Mods folder..
  2. Added new setting to the General settings tab where the user can set whether NMM should manage the mod name or leave it as the user set it.
  3. NMM now supports the multi mod selection when using the mod delete function.
  4. NMM will now be able to retrieve mod categories from the web server (a new button has been added to the Categories submenu).
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed a bug causing virtual install and profile config files to become bloated, an automatic file fixing procedure will take care analyze your config files and fix them when you start NMM (This can be a lenghty but necessary process).
  2. Fixed several crashes when trying to save the profile config.
  3. Fixed confirmation prompt when exiting the program.
  4. Fixed crash caused by some special characters in the profile name.
  5. Various fixes and tweaks to the "Check for mod updates" and "Get missing download ID" functions.
  6. Fixed mod installation when the mod's downloadID was invalid.
  7. Fixed issue where NMM was unable to retrieve the mod version when loading the profile's mod list (also randomly causing a crash).
  8. Added more feedback to the profile switching process when disabling links from the previous profile, previously NMM seemed to hang.
  9. Fixed long profile names breaking the UI, NMM will now also prevent users to set names longer than 64 chars.
  10. Fixed crash when NMM tries to read the plugins.txt or loadorder.txt files that are locked for access by another program.
  11. Fixed issue where right-clicking on a profile in the profile tab didn't select the profile.
  12. Fixed renaming issue with some special characters causing empty profile names.
  13. Fixed the progress bar popup randomly starting to blink after changing the loadorder.
  14. Fixed profile switch related crash when removing old plugins.
  15. Fixed crash when switching game modes.
  16. Fixed crash issue when saving or loading a profile.
  17. Fixed mod migration crash.
  18. Updated 7zip libraries to address security issues.
  19. Updated Fallout 4 categories.
  20. Fixed issue where NMM was unable to retrieve the mod ID from some filenames.
  21. Fixed startup crash issue when Windows 8 users were missing the latest .
  22. Net Framework.
  23. Fixed stuck queue issue with invalid mod or download IDs.
  24. Fixed crash issues when updating a mod IDs in the current profile.
  25. Tweaked connection issues feedback.
  26. Fixed issue preventing the mod migration procedure from properly importing the backup file.
  27. Fixed issue causing mod reinstalls to fail while using the multi-HD mode.
  28. Fixed issue where dash characters were added to a downloaded mod name.
  29. Fixed Supported Tools config window popping under its dropdown menu.
  30. Tweaked and re-enabled the mod upgrade functionality, if it doesn't work for a mod file it means the mod author didn't properly set it as a new version of the previous file.
  31. Fixed crash issues when saving or updating the profile's modlist xml file.
  32. NMM will now provide feedback when the 'Check for mod updates' or 'DownloadID' related functions fails.
  33. Fixed issue where a downloaded mod may not show up in the Mods list when using custom categories.
  34. Fixed wrong popup menu location when clicking the 'Check for mod updates' button.
  35. NMM will now properly recognize newer FO4 DLCs as such.
  36. Fixed another issue that could cause broken records to be added to the profile NMM is switching to and preventing NMM to remove linked files.
  37. Fixed crash issue when the profile id is null.
  38. Fixed issue where activating a new mod wasn't saving the mod entries in the virtual install config files, thus showing the mod as disabled when restarting NMM.

Version 0.61.23

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Tweaked and fixed the "Check for mod updates" function.
  2. Fixed issue with the "Get Missing Download ID" function preventing NMM from retrieving the correct info for some mods.

Version 0.61.22

Impact: Minor
Type: Bugfix
  1. Fixed mod update check and get missing downloadid functions.
  2. Fixed a few loadorder and plugins file interaction related crashes.
  3. NMM will now add Fallout 4 DLCs to the Plugins.txt file.

Version 0.61.21

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed Fallout 4 1.5 issue that could cause plugins to become disabled when changing a plugin load order.

Version 0.61.20

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Yet again providing support for the latest Fallout 4 beta version.

Version 0.61.19

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed support for the latest Fallout 4 beta version.
  2. Fixed issue preventing the Get Mod Updates and Get Missing Download IDs from properly working.

Version 0.61.18

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed NMM installer not prompting for the install folder when the program was already present on the system.
  2. Fixed crash when intercepting external changes made to the loadorder file.
  3. Fixed a forced random crash issue with the progress bar.

Version 0.61.17

Impact: Minor
Type: Support for Fallout 4 version 1.5 and more tweaks and bugfixes
  1. Added support for Fallout 4 version 1.5 beta or higher.
  2. Added new "Import profile's Load Order' button to the profile's submenu.
  3. NMM will now properly recognize the official Fallout 4 DLCs as such.
  4. Fixed a few crash issues where NMM was unable to link a mod file.
  5. The login form will now always show on top of the NMM window.
  6. Fixed crash when purging mod links.
  7. Fixed crash when the system prevents NMM from interacting with the plugins and loadorder files.
  8. Fixed issue where switching to a profile didn't load the saved scripted installer options.
  9. Fixed issue where NMM could randomly add files to the profile it was switching from.
  10. Fixed issue where NMM was assigning the same DownloadID to mod files sharing the same ModID.
  11. Supported tool Bodyslide will now be referred as such (instead of "Bodyslide [version number]").

Version 0.61.16

Impact: Minor
Type: Tweaks&Fixes
  1. NMM will now properly install mod archives where the root folder is "interface".
  2. Fixed a crash when trying to uninstall a plugin that's no longer present.
  3. NMM will now provide better feedback when a "Delete Mod" fails.
  4. Fallout4 game mode will now interact with the Fallout4Custom.ini instead of the default one.
  5. The version column will now properly show both the local and the online version, separated by a "/".

Version 0.61.15

Impact: Minor
Type: Tweaks&Fixes
  1. Fixed and tweaked the Supported Tools dropdown menu.
  2. Fixed issue preventing users from re-configuring a supported tool's path, users can now right-click on the supported tool in the menu to set a new path for it.
  3. Fixed scripting issue for Oblivion and Morrowind caused by missing dll files.
  4. Fixed issue preventing NMM from properly installing the BOSS dll for Morrowind.
  5. Fixed crash issue when setting the Temp path to a root folder.
  6. Fixed issue allowing users to enforce an invalid and unsafe path for the Temp folder.
  7. Fixed random "Value of 'xxx' is not valid for 'Value'." exception preventing some functions using the modal progress bar to complete.

Version 0.61.14

Impact: Minor
Type: Minor Tweaks
  1. Overhauled and fixed the Supported Tools setup and functionality, there's no longer a settings tab, to set the tool's path just go in the Tools submenu and click on the desired tool.
  2. Added FO4Edit to Fallout 4 supported tools.
  3. Removed unused dll files causing false alerts in the tracelog file.

Version 0.61.13 hotfix

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed issue preventing NMM from restoring overridden links when uninstalling a mod.

Version 0.61.12

Impact: Minor
Type: New feature and bugfixes
  1. Added a "Reinstall Mod" option to the right-click context menu.
  2. Fixed issue preventing mod files from being removed from the game folder when uninstalling a mod that was previously overwritten.
  3. Fixed mod deletion prompt not showing up when using the DEL key.
  4. NMM will now properly run the 64bit version of Bodyslide2 when available.

Version 0.61.11

Impact: Minor
Type: Game support and fixes
  1. Added modding support for XCOM 2.
  2. Updated Dragon's Dogma categories (you need to click on the "categories"->"reset to nexus defaults" button to update your local list).
  3. Fixed a few issues with automatic game scan for Dragon's Dogma and Witcher 3.

Version 0.61.10

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed null reference crash when disabling mods in Witcher3 mode.
  2. Fixed another "failed rollback" crash when interacting with the plugin load order or activation state.
  3. Fixed crash when UAC is preventing NMM from interacting with its VirtualInstall folder.
  4. Fixed crash when purging file links and the user had manually removed mod files.

Version 0.61.9

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed mod deletion prompt appearing when clicking on "Uninstall from all profiles".
  2. Fixed mod delete removing the mod archive when clicking NO at the prompt.

Version 0.61.8

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed issue preventing Witcher 3 cache from properly updating (causing missing mod entries in the list).
  2. Fixed issue where NMM was reporting a "Failed rollback" crash when trying to write on a read-only plugins.txt file.
  3. Removed misleading "Delete Mod" button from the left bar, all the uninstall and delete commands are in the right-click context menu.
  4. Tweaked and fixed mod delete functionality.

Version 0.61.7

Impact: Minor
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed issue causing the plugins.txt file to be updated very slowly when enabling/disabling multiple plugins.
  2. NMM will now properly install Witcher 3 mods meant to be installed in the DLC folder.
  3. Fixed Witcher 3 mods installation/uninstallation issues (installing in the wrong folder or leaving files behind).
  4. Fixed issue causing NMM to rename a Witcher 3 mod folder's name.
  5. Fixed unsupported mod structure warning to always reference Dragon's Dogma.

Version 0.61.6

Impact: Major
Type: New game support and many bugfixes
  1. Added Dragon's Dogma game support.
  2. Fixed issue causing loose mod files or game files overwritten by mods to be lost while switching profiles.
  3. Fixed crash when clicking on empty elements of the Profiles menu.
  4. Fixed crash when adding elements to the mod install queue.
  5. Fixed Fallout 4 displayed name.
  6. Fixed issue preventing some mods from properly installing on Witcher 3 and Starbound.
  7. Fixed issue causing some properly packaged Witcher 3 mods to be flagged as not supported.
  8. Added new check to try and quickly retrieve game paths from Steam.

Version 0.61.5

Warning: This version requires .Net Framework 4.6 (If you're not using Windows 10, you can download it HERE )

Impact: Minor
Type: Minor Tweaks
  1. Fixed issue with Fallout 4 categories.
  2. Reworked contextual menu for the Mods control.
  3. Tweaked source code and updated to .Net Framework 4.6.

Version 0.61.4

Impact: Minor
Type: Bugfix & Fallout 4 tweaks
  1. Tweaked Fallout 4 ini editing warning.
  2. Added F4SE launcher.
  3. Fixed issue causing NMM to clear the plugins.txt readonly flag at startup.
  4. Fixed Fallout 4 .mp3 and .bgsm file installation while using MultiHD mode.
  5. Fixed crash issue when using the "Uninstall from all profiles" function.

Version 0.61.3

Impact: Critical
Type: Bugfix & Fallout 4 tweaks
  1. NMM can now prevent the Fallout 4 launcher from breaking modding support or resetting the plugins file.
  2. Fixed Fallout 4 categories.
  3. Fixed issue preventing NMM removing scripted installer's config files when using "Uninstall all active mods".
  4. Fixed rare crash when switching mod install mode in the Tools menu.
  5. Fixed rare crash in the file downloader.
  6. Fixed rare issue where NMM suggests to set the Virtual folder on a non-existent drive.

Version 0.61.2

Impact: Critical
Type: Hotfix
  1. NMM will now provide better feedback when unable to check for Fallout4 ini edits, it also no longer prevents mod installation.
  2. Fixed issue preventing NMM from properly installing .bsa file for Skyrim when using multiHD mode.
  3. Fixed issue preventing NMM from properly installing .mp3 files.
  4. Fixed an issue to preserve file links when disabling a mod that shares a file with another still enabled mod.
  5. Fixed profile switch crash issue when checking for a plugin’s masters activation state.

Version 0.61.1

Impact: Critical
Type: Hotfix
  1. Fixed issue preventing NMM from backing up and restoring overwritten loose files.
  2. Fixed issue with some scripted installers being unable to check for dependencies and being unable to install.

Version 0.61.0

Impact: Major
Type: New functionality
  1. Added Fallout 4 modding support.
  2. Plugins that are missing their masters will show as red in the Plugins tab. Plugins whose masters are disabled will be shown as orange (the plugin description will also provide feedback about these issues).
  3. Release notes will be shown in the update popup.
  4. Fixed crash issue and profile switch issues caused when enabling scripted mods during a profile switch.
  5. NMM will now prompt the user whether he really wants to enable or disable all the plugins when clicking the buttons in the Plugins tab.

Version 0.60.x

Impact: Major
Type: New Features
  1. Profile Manager.
  2. New mod installation method.
  3. Added a few new icons for a clearer interface.
  4. Added a new button to launch external tools.
  5. Added new “Restore Backup Profile” functionality to the Tools menu.
  6. Added a "Mod" field in the plugin description that will tell you what mod that plugin belongs to.
  7. Right-clicking on a mod name will now also show the mod’s filename.
  8. Updated LOOT library to version 0.8.
  9. Changed the way NMM handles the mod cache, NMM will now load 4x faster than before (It needs to migrate your cache files, so add a few seconds the first time you run this new version).
  10. Merged the mod Version and Latest Version columns to reduce UI cluttering (you will still be able to click on the version number to reach the mod page, if you have update warnings enabled hovering the mouse on the warning icon will show you the latest version available online).
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed crash caused by custom fonts.
  2. Fixed automatic plugin sorting being enabled for unsupported games.
  3. Fixed a crash issue caused by a broken config file.
  4. Fixed crash while refreshing plugin indices in the plugin’s tab.
  5. Fixed crash while trying to change a plugin timestamp and the file is locked by another process.
  6. Fixed crash when the program could not find the new installer file on the server.
  7. Fixed local mod addition when the source folder contains illegal characters.
  8. Fixed automatic plugin sorting being enabled and crashing on Morrowind.
  9. Fixed issue preventing the ReadMe Manager from properly catching readme files.
  10. Fixed issue preventing NMM from automatically retrieve the Morrowind game path during the startup scan.
  11. Fixed issue preventing some mods from installing txt files.
  12. Fixed crash when the user is using a broken/incomplete .Net Framework.
  13. Fixed random crash while trying to change the read-only flag of a plugin file.
  14. Fixed crash when the config file references to an unplugged drive.
  15. Fixed crash when searching for program updates while the new installer is already installing.
  16. The program will now check whether there’s actually an update to download before starting the masterlist update.
  17. Fixed issue causing Delete mod to be enabled when clicking on categories.
  18. Fixed crash issue with the Delete mod function.
  19. Small tweak to improve startup loading with lots of mods (more improvements will come).
  20. Fixed NMM saving registry values in the wrong place.
  21. Fixed NMM being unable to parse XML scripts with fake choices (like S.W.I.F.T for Skyrim).
  22. Fixed issues with the cache manager.
  23. Fixed issues where NMM wasn’t prompting to install the new version when the installer was already present in the temp folder.
  24. Fixed NMM being randomly unable to import the load order.